family photo

family photo

Monday, November 29, 2010

'Got' together

Ashok & Sabita
Ashok's engagement ceremony was great. People from three generations graced the occasion. His grandmother Amareswari's absence is the only miss.
Food is good. There was a lot of bonding between the families. Everybody enjoyed the get together.
The event took place in the premises of Satavahana school in KPHB.
Yalamanchili Kutumba Rao gari ముగ్గురు సోదరుల సంతానం ... Yogeswara rao garu, Nageswara rao garu, Pavaneswari, Annapurna, Vani ... all came with families. From the other side... Smt Padmavathi gari అక్క, చెల్లెళ్ళ సంతానం   graced the occasion. Kutumbarao garu and Padmavathi are  Ashok's maternal great grand parents.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ashok's Engagement

Hi all..
On 28th November Ashok is getting engaged. Ashok is the first grandson of Smt Chintapalli Amareswari (the girl who is sitting in the family photo)and RamaRao of  Nizamabad.  They have four daughters.
Aruna-Amarbabu;  Sita-Ramu(NIzamabad);  Vijaya-Satyanarayana(Hyderabad);
Lakshmi- Anjaiah(Nizamabad).
Ashok is the first son of Aruna and Amarbabu (Mosra- Nizamabad). He is managing a franchisee of  Vimta labs  in Nizamabad town and helping his dad in agriculture also.  His brother Anand is working in a private firm in Hyderabad.
The bride to be ... Sabita is a graduate in Biotechnology. Marriage will take place sometime in February 2011.
The engagement is taking place in Kukatpally at the bride's place.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sri Mukunda Rao and family

Sri Y. Mukunda Rao garu Smt. Vagbhushana Manoharamma
They lived in Kovur village in West Godavari district. They were blessed with a daughter and two sons.

Late Sri Ramesh;   Smt.Pavaneswari ;  Sri Murali Krishna.

 Mukunda Rao garu was in government service for a few years as a Revenue Inspector. He left the job to join his friend in a business. He spent his last decade in Hyderabad, for a couple of years he was with  ISKCON also. He breathed his last in the year 2000. Ammamma followed him in 2002. Their first son Ramesh was a genius I heard. He left the world in a very young age.
Pavaneswari is working as a teacher in Hyderabad. Her husband Nimmagadda Ramesh garu is a State government employee. They are blessed with a son and a daughter. Daughter Purnima got  married in last July. Son Srinivas is studying for his Engineering.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sri Mallikarjuna Rao and family

Sri Dr. Yalamanchili Mallikarjuna Rao garu and Smt. Kolli Paramahamsa
They lived in Surampally village of Krishna district.

They are blessed with two daughters.
Smt. Kasi Annapurnadevi  Sri Kolli Bhanu Koteswara Rao
Smt Vani Sri Parthasarathi

Ammanni pinni(Annapurna) wrote...
Naannagaru LIM chadivi government job chesi
tharuvatha Soorampalli lo private practice pettaru. Beedavariki  free ga medicines ichhevaru.

Ammakuda naannagariki baga helping ga undedi. Chuttupakkala 10 villages ki naannagaru manchi doctor ani nammakam. Vachhina patients ki  late  aithe  bhojanam kooda pettevaru.
Assalu money demand chese varu kadu. Vaallu ichhinadi theesukunevaru.
CPI/CPM/ party lu kalasi unnappudu  party kosam baga work chesaru. Amma kuda work chesindi. Iddaru  party gurinchi Jail ki kuda vellaru. Chandra Rajeswara Rao/ Puchhalapalli Sundarayya garitho  party lo work chesaru. Naannagariki menamama koothure ma amma. Amma  valla inti peru Kolli; Kolli Kotayya Varmagari ammayi. Ammamma peru Annapurna.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sri Kutumba rao and family

Yalamanchili Kutumba Rao garu and Chintapalli Padmavathi.
I took this photograph in 1995... just a few months before my grandfather's demise. Ammamma left us in 2004.
The couple was blessed with four sons and four daughters.
Sons and daughters-in-law
Y.Chakradhara rao Smt Sita; Y. Nagabhushana rao, Smt  Krishnakumari
Y. RajaRao .. Smt Lalita ; Y Subhash Chandra Bose .. Smt Sujata.
Daughters and sons -in-law..
Smt Amaleswari Sri Chintapalli Rama Rao (brother of Padmavathi); Late Smt Suseela Sri Dayana Veerraju
Smt Bhujata  late  Sri Devineni Krishna Rao; Smt Varalakshmi late Sri Bedida Rajeswar.
KutumbaRao garu was a farmer. He, along with his elder daughter and son in law, migrated to Nizamabad sometime in 1950s. He breathed his last in Armoor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sri Brahmayya and family

Late Sri Yalamanchili Brahmayya garu and Smt Paladugu Sitaravamma
They are blessed with three sons and a daughter.
Sri Yogeswara rao Smt. Nadella Usha ;  Sri Nageswara rao Smt.Koduru Kusuma kumari
Late Sri Siva Ramakrishna Prasad, Smt Kolli Geeta kumari ;
Smt. Jaya prada late Sri Subba rao.
Brahmayya garu owned a rice mill in Mudunuru, and lived as a Kamma Brahmin..
I will be happy to collect more information about these families. Please write.


I have some memories regarding this family photograph. I saw this photograph at my grand parents Yalamanchili Kutumba rao garu and Padmavathi"s house in Singampally (Nizamabad district). Ammamma told me...
" It was very difficult for me to pose for the picture. I wore a gajjela vaddanam... and your mamayya (Chakradhara rao) was kicking it off.  I could not stand properly. Your mother (my mom late smt. Suseela) is not at home. And within days we took this photo.. my  mother in law( i.e. Bhushamma garu) died."

During summer holidays we all cousins used to meet at their house. And atleast one day we used to spend talking about the photograph... wondering how beautiful they are!  They wore crepe sarees and blouses with puff sleeves. You know... this picture is taken before independence!!!
Those days our grannies used to spin cotton, made rice for daily use by hand.. early morning lechi, vadlu danchi biyyam chesi vaati tho annam vande varata. And one more interesting anecdote... when they are doing this, men should not hear the sound of their bangles it seems. So they used to tie cloth around the bangles... she told. After all... they were the days of parda in the society.